Blistering Pace Race Management Launches in 2016

Blistering Pace Race Management Offers Running Event Leadership and Expertise
New company will direct the 2017 Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon.

Michelle La Sala
President, Blistering Pace Race Management

NAPA, CALIFORNIA (April 8, 2016)—Founded on a desire to bring world-class experiences to local, regional, and national road races, Blistering Pace Race Management will offer professional services for every facet of running events, to ensure all participants have the opportunity to meet their goals.

Created and led by Michelle La Sala, president of Blistering Pace and former director of the California International Marathon, the company strives to give top-notch support, direction, and expertise to running events nationwide. From registration, marketing, and sponsorship, to operations, course design, and volunteer management, the Blistering Pace team can handle specific areas of need or full management of a race.

Blistering Pace currently features a client list including the Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon, Big Sur International Marathon, the Napa Valley Marathon, and others.

“I am thrilled to be involved with these prestigious events,” La Sala said. “And I look forward to working closely with industry colleagues and their existing teams to bring an unmatched runner experience to participants across the country.”

La Sala’s experience professionally and personally—as an avid and competitive lifelong runner—significantly inform her knowledge of the industry and what participants expect out of events. Blistering Pace is honored to direct of the 2017 Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon.

Andy Chan, president of Pamakid Runners, which produces the San Francisco Half Marathon, said the organization is excited to work with La Sala to present the event on February 5, 2017.

“Michelle has developed a great reputation from her work with the Big Sur, Napa Valley, and California International marathons,” Chan said. “We look forward to continuing our tradition of putting on a race ‘by runners, for runners,’ with our 34th annual San Francisco Half Marathon next year. We are thrilled with Michelle’s passion and new ideas and innovations that she will bring to our race.”

George Rehmet, director of Road Runners Club of America Western Region, also welcomes La Sala’s leadership.

“In a male-dominated industry, it is nice to see a female race director take over the reigns of the Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon, a race that is a long-time favorite of local runners,” Rehmet said. “Michelle has worked successfully in various capacities for many well-established marathons that are members of the RRCA. I strongly believe that Michelle will shine and be a positive role model for women who wish to enter the race management industry.”

Blistering Pace also proudly works with the Big Sur International Marathon. Doug Thurston, race director and executive director of Big Sur, endorses La Sala’s services.

“Engaging Michelle and her capable and experienced team helps me concentrate on other important race areas. I know they are going to do things right and on time,” Thurston said. “I am also confident they will help create and implement new and more efficient processes and provide accurate and complete documentation that will benefit all our future events.”

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